Our Growers

At MG our relationship with the growers

we work with is one of partnership, with the overriding objective being to make their growing enterprise an outstanding success, whether it’s large or small. 

Our growers focus on what they do best – producing quality fruit and vegetables – and we provide a proven, constructive, profitable link between our many produce growers and our retail clients. 

Being a sole supplier to MG has given us the confidence to significantly reinvest in our business and enjoy the strong market position that MG Marketing offers.

- Jeremy Hiscock, Panmure Orchards.

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Become a
MG Grower

Let’s work together

As a grower working together with MG, you benefit from being involved in the supply chain and capitalise on sales continuity, quality assurance, packaging and presentation advances – all designed to satisfy consumer needs.

No matter what you grow, MG can add value to your bottom line through a suite of services unmatched by our competitors.


MG's highly experienced procurement team maintains close and regular contact with you as a vegetable or fruit supplier, offering tailored practical advice and support.

For more information contact our Procurement Team