National Procurement Team

MG continues to have the best people, doing the right job, with the right tools to support the wide range of needs of our grower network.


MG Marketing’s procurement team provides an important link between grower-suppliers and the company’s sales activities. A focus for the procurement team is our growers’ sustainable long-term viability.

Empowered to focus on understanding our growers’ business, how we can help develop their business, and improve returns for them through industry knowledge and an understanding of the demands of the retail market.


Roger Georgieff
National Procurement Manager
021 2296 398
Overall responsibility for Domestic Procurement, Central Otago Summerfruit.
Andrew Body
National Procurement Manager
021 717 254
Green Vegetables, Melons, Yams.
Andrew Cross
National Procurement Manager
021 872 517
Cherries, Citrus, Garlic, Carrots, Mushrooms, Onions, Parsnips, Potatoes
Brett Reid
National Procurement Manager
021 872 028
Berryfruit, Sub Tropicals.
Ian Reisima
National Procurement Manager
021 749 644
Avocados, Kiwifruit, Lower North Island Root Crops, Pumpkin.
Neil Bridgens
National Procurement Manager
021 989 801
Pukekohe Green Vegetables
Rob Hollier
National Procurement Manager
021 482 568
Apples, Pears, Hawkes Bay Summerfruit.
Scott Mason
National Procurement Manager
021 222 7960
Tomatoes, Capsicum, Eggplant,
Tele Cucumbers, Kumara.
Michael Breitmeyer
New Product Development
021 020 29249


Jade Reeves
Imports Manager
021 242 5270
Overall responsibility for all imports procurement (excluding bananas and pineapple).
Anna Brenmuhl
Dole Sales and Logistics Manager
021 961 948
Humphrey Lawrence
Imports Procurement Manager
022 079 3630
Kate Watson
Imports Administrator
029 770 1840
Ross Howard
Imports Procurement Manager
022 079 3726