Responsible Sourcing - Why is it important?

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Responsible Sourcing - Why is it important?

Responsible Sourcing

At MG Marketing (MG), we want to work with likeminded businesses. This includes suppliers who look after their employees, their communities and the environment in a way that is consistent with MG values and sustainability goals. Our expectation is that business is conducted lawfully and with integrity and all people throughout the supply-chain are treated with dignity and respect.

Not only is MG keen to “do the right thing”, our responsible sourcing goals are driven by the fact consumers want to be sure that the fresh fruit and vegetables they purchase comes from growers who treat products, people and the environment in a responsible way.

MG is also committed to supporting our customers at the other end of the supply-chain to achieve their responsible sourcing objectives.

For growers supplying Countdown through MG, that means obtaining a third-party certification from either GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP),  META (Sedex Members Ethical Trading Audit) or NZGAP Social Practice Add-On. It is anticipated that other retailers will require growers to show a similar level of compliance in the future.

MG encourages all growers to think about their practices and consider improving their level of compliance by adding the NZGAP Social Practice Add-On (or other third-party certification).

Visit the NZ Gap website to find out more about the NZGAP Social Practice Add-On.

Click here for PDF of below Certification Process

SP Certification Process 2020 1

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